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Play On Philly documentary project that I worked on for the past four years is finally a reality!

Titled: “Crescendo! The Power of Music” will premiere at the Philadelphia Film Festival in October. I can’t wait to see it.
You can check out the IMDB listing here:


This summer I went to Nashville with Paul Shannon of
Real Arts Media to work on a tribute video to Chet Atkins and the 60th anniversary of Gretsch guitars.
We shot at the famous RCA Studio B and it was a real privilege to be there. Great people, from the artists to everyone involved behind the scenes.
A project I am very proud to have been a part of; many thanks to the always smiling
Joe Carducci of Gretsch!

I recorded the location dialog and music performances as well as the post audio mix. Hope you like it!


Well, its official! “Death on the 16th Fairway” is now available on

Here is the link:


Well, the audiobook project, “Death on the 16th Fairway” is finally complete!! whew!
It was over two years in the making and we are happy to say it will be available soon on
for download.
Here is a link to the original website:



“The Bloody Truth” - a documentary on the origins of HIV


Worked on a new show for QVC. Shot entirely on location; which is a bit different for them.
“You’re Home With Jill”


“Always Sunny In Philadelphia” - Season 9
Worked as the Production Sound Mixing again this season. Always a blast to work with this cast, the best!

The work with
FreshFly continues, both on location and post audio mixing.
Always grateful for the work from this great group of guys!

Some of the recent post mixing I’ve done with them:

“Scientists You Must Know”

“Eatiquette - A Better School Lunch”


Did some music playback work for the NBC show “Do No Harm” wich was shot entirely in the Philadelphia area with a local sound crew of
John Gooch, Brian Jordan and Mike Ford.


The audiobook I engineered,
Death on the 16th Fairway is now a reality. Part one of the trilogy was just released on CD and is also available for download.
Check out the site!

The documentary film, ”
Play On Philly" is continuing with their third year of shooting.
The kids at St. Francis de Sales have really excelled, its amazing to see them progress.

Some other projects include working on the MLS All-Star game. A show for NBC sports called "MLS-36" and can be viewed here:

I've also been doing some post-audio work this year. I've expanded my services into mixing and editing for picture. A majority of this work recently has been with
FreshFly, a local Philadelphia based company. They have been a really great client and I hope to continue the relationship.
Here are some links to the work we've done:


Did some work on the Sprout Network show,
The Goodnight Show.
Thank you to Chris Kellett for calling me to fill-in while he was away. I had a blast!


The latest project that I am involved with is producing and engineering an audiobook recording.  Its a murder mystery story with drama and humor called,
Death on the 16th Fairway Its a trilogy and we have just finished cast recordings and rough edits for
part one, “Who is Mr X.” Stay tuned to the website for updates and release date.



Working on an MLB show called The Franchise” about the San Francisco Giants. Yes, I know!  :-)  The show airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on Showtime.


Tune Up Philly completed shooting for the first year of the documentary. Looking forward to year two!


Always Sunny In Philadelphia was back in town for season 7. Its aways a blast to work with those guys.
And thanks to Chris and Brian for a great sound department job.


Worked on a show for HBO called Tour Stories with the band Dropkick Murphy



Started work on a documentary project about
Tune Up Philly, led by musician and artistic director, Stanford Thompson.
The program is for urban kids in challenging social and  economic conditions and is inspired by the
El Sistema a music program which began in Venezuela.

Two TV shows that I have worked on have started airing.
Outlaw on NBC and Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia on FX Networks.  Check em out!


Tenure, the movie is released this month. Shot back in spring ’08 in the Philly burbs.
Check it out:



Worked the World Series again this year. It was a blast again working with the MLB guys  and all the players. Too bad the fightin’ Phil’s couldn’t repeat.


Did a few days of 2nd Unit work for M. Night Shamalan’s latest movie,
The Last Airbender


The gang from
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was back in town for their Philly scenes.  Always a blast! Check out the show on the FX Network.


Check out the latest PA Tourism web movies that I worked on.
PA Stories - Peter Arthur Files


I’ve been working on a new show for the MLB Network called
The Pen show on the Phillies bullpen.


Back from Memphis - We made the Finals!! Placed in the top 10 out of 100 bands. Some fantastic talent from around the world.  Not too bad, huh?


Heading to Memphis, TN !!!
The Roger Girke Band won a spot to compete in the
International Blues Challenge, this thursday,friday and saturday. Wish us luck!!


The Roger Girke Band’s third album is now available on CD Baby,
click here to order



Working on a series of commercials and web movies for Tourism in Pennsylvania.
Produced by
Protagonist Films, you can view them here: The Weavers


I had the very cool privilege of working Game 5, pt. 2 of the World Series for Major League Baseball. Way to go Phillies!!
I was 10 years old in 1980 and watched every game with my Dad.  I will always remember the 2008 season as well.


I just finished work on the fourth season of
Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia a show on the FX Network (Thursdays @ 10 pm)
They were in town last week for their Philadelphia locations and it was a blast.
Brian Jordan and Mike Ford worked as Boom and Utility and were a great team.


The movie
Tenure wrapped in the Phila area last friday and it was a great experience.  I am proud to have worked with such a great crew and cast.
I will have some photos posted very soon.

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